A delicious fish dish at the restaurant of the Hotel Schattauer in Wagrain

Culinary delights at the Hotel Schattauer in Wagrain

Where passion meets excellence

Our goal is that you are not only satisfied with our services - we would like to inspire you. We have made it our mission to spoil you in every way, which also extends to our culinary offerings. In addition to consistent use of locally sourced, premium ingredients, this includes one thing above all – passion in everything we do.
Culinary delights, freshly prepared by your hostIn the kitchen...The cosy restaurant at the Hotel Schattauer in WagrainPassion fruit sorbet and raspberry ice cream

Freshly prepared

Fresh food

As a trained chef, your host Roland Beer takes the necessary time and care to create true culinary delights based on local ingredients. A good meal is the result of the time that went into preparing it.
Time is also essential to ensure that no compromises are made when it comes to selecting high-quality regional products, and it takes time and careful preparation to transform fresh ingredients into visual and culinary works of art. And last but not least, guests should have the time to savour and enjoy the food!
Fresh fruit and vegetables

Starting the day


You are sitting in our cosy restaurant and the scent of fresh coffee is in the air.
The only thing disrupting this idyllic scene at the Hotel Schattauer in Wagrain is the fact that you need to make your way to the breakfast buffet, where you have the choice of a variety of local products: eggs, milk, yogurt, sausage and cheese from Wagrain farmers, along with fresh bread and jam. Crisp fruit and vegetables provide the necessary vitamins, and various types of muesli are available to provide you with energy during the day.
Breakfast buffet at the Hotel Schattauer in Wagrain

An enjoyable evening


On winter evenings, we will spoil you with a 3-course menu of your choice, freshly prepared from the best ingredients.

Choose a velvety soup as a starter that will melt in your mouth, close your eyes and savour the fine aromas of your main course, or indulge in a dessert of tender chocolate – and you will understand what people mean when they say that good food keeps body and soul together! With your food, we recommend a nice glass of wine from our well-stocked cellar!
Veal cheeks with truffle mousse

Culinary pleasures to look forward to

Does this description already make your mouth water? If you would like to sample the excellent Salzburg cuisine offered by the Hotel Schattauer for yourself, contact us now or book your holiday in Wagrain online. After all, the joy of anticipation is rather like the starter of your holiday menu.

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