Mountain biking & e-biking in Wagrain in the Salzburger Sportwelt

Mountain biking & e-biking in Wagrain in the Salzburger Sportwelt

Where ambition meets serenity

Around Wagrain-Kleinarl, cyclists will find everything they're looking for: challenging climbs for mountain bikers, extensive tours for road-bike enthusiasts and scenic cycle paths for families and hobby cyclists. And with an e-bike, you can cover a lot of distance starting right from the doorstep of Appartments Schattauer in Wagrain. Even though we are not a certified cycling accomodation, we still offer ideal conditions for a holiday on two wheels.
Downhill fun at the Wagrain BikeparkA mountain bike tour in the Wagrain-Kleinarl region of the Salzburger LandA break at the Kleinarl lodge during a mountain bike tourE-bike tour in Wagrain with magnificent panorama views

Tauernradweg cycle route


A superb cycle trail that runs along the Salzach and Saalach rivers over a distance of 270 and 300 km, respectively. If you like, you can even cycle as far as Passau across the nine sections of the route and experience impressive scenery along the way.
But perhaps one or two sections will be enough during your summer stay in Wagrain. We recommend section 4 between Schwarzach and Golling, which runs along the banks of the Salzach river for about 30 km and is also easy to manage for children. This "legendary" leg of the Tauernradweg cycle route features fascinating displays focusing on old local legends.
Fahrraudausflug mit Kindern im Salzburger Land

Ennsradweg cycle path


The Ennsradweg is also most impressive, certainly as far as its total length is concerned. Depending on the route you choose, you can cover a distance of 240 to 280 km between Flachauwinkl and the point where the Enns river meets the Danube.
Best of all, you can start this bike tour directly in Wagrain. In about 25 minutes, you can comfortably cycle through rolling hills to Flachau, where the Landesradweg Wagrain cycle route meets the Ennsradweg. From there, you can either take the long route via Altenmarkt, Radstadt and Schladming into Styria or simply turn right towards Flachauwinkl to take a dip in the cool waters of the local lake.
Entspannt Radfahren mit Kindern auf dem Ennsradweg

Stoneman Taurista


Speaking of challenging tours, the Stoneman Taurista route is definitely worth mentioning. While it is "only" 123 km long, it covers a combined difference in altitude of 4,500 meters. Ambitious cyclists who want to tackle this challenging mountain bike route through the Salzburger Sportwelt can choose between three starter packages (available from the Tourism Association): Stoneman Basic (for those who want to be officially listed as finishers), Trophy Stone (which includes a gold, silver or bronze stone trophy) and Trophy Complete (with an additional trophy). Each package also includes a starter card & ribbon, a bag with a map, a drinking bottle and other merchandise.
Downhill beim Stoneman Taurista (© Stoneman Taurista / Dennis Stratmann)

Sustainable transport options

If you have never been on an e-bike before, a summer holiday in the Wagrain-Kleinarl e-bike region is the perfect fix. And even for passionate e-bikers, the Kleinarl Valley and the Salzburger Sportwelt offer ideal conditions, starting with the e-bike rental. Directly in the center of Wagrain you will find the Sport 2000 Obermoser shop, where you can rent e-bikes at reduced rates on presentation of your guest card. For those who don't want to embark on an e-bike tour alone, Bike World Wagrain offers guided e-bike tours during the peak season. With your guest guard, you again have access to discounted rates. And to make sure you don't run out of electricity on your trip, you can rely on a large network of e-bike charging stations.

E-bike rental

Sport 2000 Obermoser
Markt 2, 5602 Wagrain
Phone 0043 6413 8237

Guided mountain bike tours

Bike World Wagrain
Widmoosweg 1, 5603 Wagrain
Phone 0043 664 88 46 82 98
Half day trips: MON + WED 2 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.
Day trips: WEN + FRI 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Advance booking by 5 p.m. on the previous day

Wagrain Bikepark

Those who still feel calm and serene during the gondola ride will soon learn their lesson at the first hairpin turn, as the adrenaline rush kicks in on the first few metres of the trail. From the relaxed flow trail to action-packed single trails with sections over tree roots to varied obstacles and jumps – these trails will make the heart of any free rider beat faster!
Mountain bikes and the necessary protective equipment are available for hire on site. And if your bike needs a shower after the descent, a washing facility for mountain bikes is also available.

Tips for your cycling tour

Mountain bike tours

Frauenalm circular: 33,1 km > 1.017 hm > 3:00 h
Hochgründeck circular: 27,5 km > 1.126 hm > 2:30 h
Baierwald circular: 19,9 km > 640 hm > 2:00 h
Edelweißalm – Weberlandl: 3,4 km > 293 hm > 1:00 h
Oberegghof: 5,5 km > 475 hm > 1:30 h
Kleinarl – Jägersee: 4,7 km > 122 hm > 0:30 h
Jausenstation Grub: 3,2 km > 337 hm > 1:30 h

Cycling tours

Tennengebirg circular: 102,3 km > 1.400 hm > 4:30 h
Gründeck circular: 51,4 km > 590 hm > 2:15 h
Filzmooser Hofalmen: 62,5 km > 890 hm > 3:00 h
Zauchensee: 47,1 km > 910 hm > 2:35 h
Rossbrand Radstadt: 55,4 km > 1.250 hm > 3:20 h
At the foot of the Dachstein: 95,9 km > 1.510 hm > 4:45 h
Großglockner – Edelweißspitze: 151,3 km > 2.440 hm > 7:30 h

Cycling holidays in Wagrain in the Salzburger Land

The Salzburger Sportwelt is known for its beautiful landscapes. And because you can discover more of these landscapes on two wheels than on foot, cycling tours are the best way to take it all in. The region offers well-marked cycle paths and mountain bike trails. The bike rental is located directly in the center of Wagrain, while the local network of e-bike charging stations ensures cycling fun without limits. So what are you waiting for? We will be happy to make you a personalised offer!

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