Our values for a sustainable holiday in Wagrain

Our values are


We are thankful that we may live in one of the most beautiful regions of Austria. Fresh mountain air, bathing lakes with drinking water quality and four seasons of the year how they should be. This is all not a matter of course and sometimes we only realize when we are abroad which privilege we have got.

Lived sustainability

Sustainable energie production


Since the summer 2022 we are equipped with a powerful photovoltaics system with which we can produce nearly the complete energy demand of the year. The excess energy is used for the warm water preparation, the charging station for electric cars or is supplied into the power grid.
Modern photovoltaics technology

Climate neutral heating

Local heating

The development in the last months have shown us how problematic the dependency of gas and oil imports from abroad can be.
We are connected to the biomass heating station Wagrain and can so obtain local produced energy. The fuel requirement is covered with wood waste of the forest cultivation. With the conversion to this renewable energy supply in Wagrain 1,6 millions of heating oil are saved.
Bioenergie Wagrain

With the power of the sun

Solar energy

Also the heating of the outdoorpool is done climate neutral with the solar collectors. The circulation pumps of the pool are supplied with energy from the photovoltaic system.

Solar modules on the south side of the attic support the warm water preparation.
Emissionfree energy

Let's take together care of the nature

Recycling & garbage separation

A correct and careful waste separation is also very important to us. We ask you as guests of our apartment house to observe and comply with this. Food is valuable and should be cherished.

Avoiding waste begins with the purchase. Only buy what you really can use.

Bread service

As guests of our apartement house you have got a daily free of charge bread service in the price included. The bread is produced at the local bakery Steinbauer out of high quality ingredients and with a lot of passion. Please observe this and adapt your order to the real need - thank you very much!!

Climate neutral stay

In cooperation with ClimatePartner, a leading provider of climate protection solutions, we offer the possibility to stay climate neutral.

In the course of the online booking on our website you can add the option to compensate the CO2 emissions caused by your stay with a small additional amount.


Climate change is a fact and maybe the greatest challenge of the 21st century. Increasing weather extremes such as frequent droughts, forest fires, melting glaciers and violent thunderstorm events are witnesses of it. Basically, everyone should ask themselves how we can avoid or reduce CO2 emissions through our way of living. Be it through the conscious use of natural resources, the production & use of renewable energies or through a sustainable way of living and eating.
Despite all efforts, it is not possible to completely avoid greenhouse gas emissions. However, by supporting ambitious climate protection projects, you can make your contribution.

We know about our responsibility

With climate-neutral overnight stays you compensate the amount of CO2 that is generated by your overnight stay with us. In the calculation of the compensation amount, all major emission sources of our accommodation, such as emissions from heating and water heating, electricity and the washing of towels & bed linen are included. Through your climate neutral accommodation you support a climate protection project certified according to international standards, which could not be realized without your contribution. The project demonstrably saves CO2 and is regularly audited by independent third parties.


The entire process is verified by independent third parties and certified by TÜV Austria. This guarantees that the amount of CO2 caused by the overnight stay is offset again.

If you opt for the climate-neutral overnight stay, you will receive a certificate with an order-related ID number. After entering the ID number on www.climatepartner.com you will find information about the order as well as the supported climate protection project.


Responible treatment with resources

without loss of quality

Also with the cleaning we are thinking about tomorrow. We use steam cleaning machines  and - where ever possible - biologically degrade cleaning materials.

Saving can be sometimes so easy. Abstain from buying water in the supermarkt, at our accomodation fresh tab water in highest drinking quality is provided.

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