Have a safe holiday

Have a save holiday

in the Hotel & Appartements Schattauer

The health of our guests and employees is the most important thing for us. Especially in times like this. You can be sure that we strictly observe all hygienic rules and recommendations to guarantee a secure holiday.

With the ongoing vaccination we are optimistic that we can go back to normality soon again.

Nevertheless we ask you to obey the following rules and recommendations during your stay - for your own health and also for the security of other guests and of our employees.

  • Maintain some distance to other people.
    This is of course not valid for persons who are living in the same household and for fellow travellers who are joining you in your holiday. 
  • Relinquish to handshakes and hugs with other people.
  • We are now cleaning your rooms and apartements even more thoroughly and also air very well before the arrival. Despite of that you can of course check-in latest at 14:00. We also take care that the rooms or apartements will not be rented out to new guests directly after departure of the leaving customers!
  • Use the elevator only alone or just with your fellow travellers if possible.
  • The elevator, the handrail in the staircase, all doorknobs, all light switches and surfaces in the public area will be disinfected repeatedly every day. 
  • Wash your hands several times per day with water and soap
  • The room keys are disinfected after each departure.
    The room keycards are changed after each departure.
  • Germicide dispenser are located in the the reception areas and in the restaurant. 
  • In general we increase the cleaning and disinfection intervals.
  • All of our cleaning materials are certificated.

Entrance tests

Starting from 19.05.2021 a proof that you are a "low epidemiological threat" is compulsory.
This is seen as fulfilled when you are either tested, convalesce from covid-19 or if you are vaccinated.
Children until 12 years don´t need this proof.

Considered as tested
- negative PCR test (valid for 72 hours)
- antigen test (valid for 48 hours)
- antigen self test with digital solution (valid for 24 hours)
- for children starting from 12 years the "school tests" are valid.

Considered as convalesced:
- medical confirmation of expired infection within the last 6 months
- medical confirmation of neutralised antibody which is not older than 3 months

Considered as vaccinated:
- confirmation of successful first vaccination. The date of the first vaccination has to be between 22 days and 3 months in the past
- confirmation of success second vaccination which is not older than 9 months

Registration when entering Austria

Starting from 10.06.2021 the former mandatory electronic online registration is NOT NECESSARY anymore.


To avoid waiting times at the check-in we ask you to email your full name, home address, the date of birth of all fellow travellers and your telephone number already in advance.

Possibility of covid 19 tests in Wagrain

There is the possibility for free of charge tests here in Wagrain.
The tests are made at the Pflegerschlössel (in walking distance from both the hotel and the apartement house). The result is valid for 48 hours as entrance test.

Additionally we provide antigen test with QR-code in our accomodation.
The test are free of charge and are valid as entrance tests to restaurants, attractions, cable cars.
If you are already vaccinacted or convalesced you also don´t need here the test.

FFP 2 face mask

Starting from 01.07.2021 the use of a FFP 2  mask (or a regular mask) is NOT MANDATORY ANYMORE in the whole hotel or apartment area.


Our cleaning and hygiene standards in the whole accomodation had been already very high before the corona virus appeared. Due to the actual situation we have even increased them again. The bed linen and towels in the hotel are washed in the own laundry. In the apartement house the whole bed clothes are washed by a professional washing service provider.

Breakfast buffet in the restaurant

Still you can take whatever your heart desires from the breakfast buffet but we also ask you to keep some distance to other people and use the desinfection dispenser before you go to the buffet. Disposeable gloves are available at the buffet.

As always we prepare the egg dishes like scrambled eggs, fried eggs, boiled eggs and omelettes freshly for you in the kitchen.

Bread service in the apartement house

Starting from 01.07.2021 the self service at the bread shelf in the apartment house is allowed again.

Rolls, brown bread loafs, croissants, milk bread and toast bread from the local bakery are available. This service and the bread itself is of course free of charge.

Wellness & sauna area at the hotel

Like everywhere else please keep some distance to persons who are not from your household.

Outdoor pool

Also at the swimming area the basic rules are valid: keep distance, wash your hands frequently and use a facial tissue. 


Of course you can pay in cash at the check-out but we recommend contact-free payments with eurocard, Visa or Mastercard. 

Cancellation terms

We would like to offer flexibility and so we have set the following special terms for a stay from 01.10.2021 until 30.04.2022.
  • until 10 days before arrival there are no cancellation costs
  • from 10 days before arrival or in the case of a no-show 90% of the booked arrangement will be charged. 

If there would be covid-19 caused problems you could cancel for free until 2 days before arrival if one of the following reasons appear:

  • travel warning from your home country for the region of Salzburg
  • compulsory quarantine measures in your home country after returning from Austria
  • closed borders
  • You or one of your fellow travellers are infected with covid-19 or are in quarantine (certificate of a positive test necessary)
  • and other with corona related reasons
We guarantee an uncomplicated and cooperative solution in any covid-19 caused cancellation.

Further informations

For additional information please visit https://www.sichere-gastfreundschaft.at/

Without a doubt this time is different

But for sure also quieter

After a turbulent year we nearly reached normality again. With the vaccination and the increased outdoor stays in the summer time the big threat of Covid-19 should hopefully be over. 

You're out in the fresh mountain air, stocking up on vitamin D and moving around a lot. And that is not only good physically, especially after the restrictions of the last few months, a stay in the mountains also brings mental strengthening. We will do our very best to guarantee a memorable and relaxing holiday - despite of the special situation at the moment.

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